"Thank you for introducing me to GEM. I have read and am in thorough agreement with the concept. Good students taught today's management practices by CEOs will be immensely more valuable to us in business than those taught only by University Professors. The knowledge and practical experience of the Corporate CEO is a substantial added dimension to business education's breadth and quality."

- Robert R. Marmor, Chairman, South Texas Drilling Company

"I couldn't agree more with your basis thesis that students would benefit greatly by having interaction with Chief Executive Officers whether incumbent or retired."

- Peter A Benoliel, Chairman, Quaker Chemical Corporation

"I have enjoyed reviewing your GEM certificate program and find it extremely interesting. In short, your proposed program is excellent and would undoubtedly provide students with a quality of instruction that can only be brought by a CEO who has experienced the things he is teaching his students."

- L.F. Mallory, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, NBC