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Doctor of Education



The Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction at Gardner-Webb University is a 63-semester-hour program designed for potential and practicing curriculum facilitators who wish to develop and refine their curriculum skills to be used in complex organizations. Organizations are dynamic institutions whose practice is shaped by powerful and influential interests. As a result, the economic, political, social, and technological environment of organizations is always changing. Curriculum, written and practiced, will play a vital role in how organizations deal with constant change. The Doctor of Education Degree program is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and beliefs that will enable them to function effectively in curriculum roles by contributing to the planning, implementing and evaluating of curriculum.



The purpose of the Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is to develop curriculum leaders through courses, research, seminars, and internships conducted in an environment based on Christian principles and values.



  1. To engage candidates in critical analysis of curriculum theory and practice;
  2. To engage candidates in disciplined inquiry in the field of curriculum and instruction;
  3. To prepare candidates for making contributions to curriculum theory and practice;
  4. To prepare candidates to become curriculum leaders in organizations.



EDCI 700 Theory Development Module6 hrs.
EDCI 701 Seminar1 hr.
EDCI 702 Issues and Models in Curriculum Module6 hrs.
EDCI 703 Seminar1 hr.
EDCI 704 Research Design and Methods Module12 hrs.
EDCI 705 Seminar1 hr.
EDCI 706 Reform and Change Theory Module6 hrs.
EDCI 707 Seminar1 hr.
EDCI 708 Assessment and Evaluation Module6 hrs.
EDCI 709 Seminar1 hr.
EDCI 710 Curriculum/Instruction Module12 hrs.
EDCI 711 Seminar1 hr.
EDCI 712 Dissertation Module I6 hrs.
EDCI 713 Dissertation Module II3 hrs.
EDCI 714 Dissertation (Continuing)3 hrs. (if needed)


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