Healthcare Management

The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Healthcare Management, offered through Gardner-Webb’s Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management, provides a fully accredited baccalaureate degree for those wishing to pursue a career in Healthcare Management. Healthcare Management is designed to prepare individuals who have a health related and/or business education background to assume positions in healthcare management and to recognize and to respond to the emerging health needs of a changing society.


Goals and Objectives


  1. To understand basic concepts of human relations management, organizational behavior and operations management necessary to manage a health care business or not-for-profit organization;
  2. To incorporate global and ethical perspectives across the curriculum;
  3. To prepare students to be able to apply quantitative techniques, computer techniques, and other elements of critical thinking to managerial problem solving.



Prior to enrolling in the Healthcare Management Program, the applicant should have the following courses in his or her academic transcript:


  • 60-64 semester hours from a regionally accredited junior college or senior college


Some courses required for admission may be completed concurrently with course work by taking such courses offered in the curriculum. Such concurrent enrollment for courses required for admission must be completed within the first year of enrollment and may extend the time required to complete the degree program. The following may be completed by concurrent enrollment within the first year in the program:


Accounting Principles (2 courses equivalent to ACC 213 and 214)

Macroeconomics (1 course equivalent to ECO 203)

Microeconomics (1 course equivalent to ECO 204)

Business Law (1 course equivalent to BAD 300)

Business Statistics (1 course equivalent to BAD 304)

Principles of Management (1 course equivalent to MGT 316)

Financial Management (1 course equivalent to BAD 312)

Principles of Marketing (1 course equivalent to BAD 318)

English 101 (1 course)

English 102 (1 course)

Coursework in College Algebra or equivalent


Failure to register for a course required for admission will prohibit the student from registering for any subsequent semester until courses required for admission are complete.



As with all DCP majors, approximately half of the Healthcare Management track consists of our Core Curriculum of Liberal Arts (see Core Curriculum). A student must complete 33 hours in the Healthcare Management major, 15 of which must be completed with the University. The specific classes required for the Healthcare Management degree consist of the following:


  • HMG 300 Introduction to Healthcare Management
  • HMG 303 Econ/Finance for Healthcare Management
  • HMG 310 Diversity and Culture
  • HMG 315 Healthcare Quality Seminar
  • HMG 400 International Health
  • HMG 410 Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • BAD 305 Quantitative Methods for Business
  • BAD 360 International Business
  • BAD 480 Business Policy
  • CIS 300 Management Information Systems


Choose 1 course from the following:


  • MGT 400 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 403 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MGT 485 Leadership


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