Course Catalog

Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management of The Godbold School of Business

Nationally Accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs and became the University’s first endowed school in 1981 with a gift from the Broyhill Foundation of Hickory, North Carolina.



The Godbold School of Business provides undergraduate and graduate professional training within the scope of a Christian-based, liberal arts university, building on the skills in learning and critical thinking that the liberal arts foster.



  1. To provide both undergraduate and graduate professional training in the business disciplines to a diverse student population;
  2. To enhance the scope of the University by applying the learning and analytical skills fostered by the liberal arts and the moral and ethical values of the Christian faith to the practice of business activities in the workplace; and
  3. To encourage both its faculty and its students to pursue life-long learning, and to value service to God and humanity.



Students who choose to major in any field of study offered by the Broyhill School of Management will:


  1. Adapt to professional careers in business, government, and other areas of human endeavor where organizational, managerial, and analytical skills are vital for success;
  2. Learn new managerial skills that require knowledge of computer applications in business;
  3. Respond to change in a dynamic, global marketplace and demonstrate high ethical standards in their places of work;
  4. Expand their knowledge base by pursuing further studies in graduate or professional schools;
  5. Incorporate global and ethical perspectives across the curriculum; and
  6. Be able to apply quantitative techniques, computer techniques, and other elements of critical thinking to managerial problem solving.

The GOAL Program within the School of Business offers four majors which require an academic background in business and additional specialty courses within the individual majors. A multi-disciplinary common professional core component is required of all business students consisting of course work in the following areas: Accounting Principles I and II, Principles of Economics I and II, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Management Information Systems, International Business, Legal Environment, Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Financial Management, and Business Policy. These courses are represented within prerequisite requirements, GOAL Curriculum Core requirements, or major requirements.


All business students are expected to complete Math 316 within the GOAL core. Any business student not having completed college course work in algebra must take Math 300. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in major courses, Math 300 and 316 courses, and prerequisite courses specified by the business major, whether taken at Gardner-Webb or transferred from another institution.


Gardner-Webb University has established itself as a character-building institution. Majors within the school of business adhere to that philosophy by integrating academic exposure to ethics and ethical dilemmas across classes through the use of class exercises, supplemental assignments, course work, course-specific projects, and writing requirements. To acknowledge the global nature of the current business environment, all classes include international applications of business practices as well.





Business Administration


Computer Information Systems


Healthcare Management