Course Catalog

For Information Or Assistance

Note: All offices of the University can be reached by calling (704) 406 and the appropriate extension. General information can be obtained by calling the switchboard number (704) 406- 4484.


GOAL Academics: Barbara Cox, Assistant Provost for Adult and Continuing Education, Extension 4627.


GOAL Academic Advising: Contact the academic advisor assigned to you.


Accounting: Jessica Herndon, Extension 4626; Joanna Holloman, Extension 2174; Sara Allen, Extension 3270


Business Administration: Jessica Herndon, Extension 4626; Joanna Holloman, Extension 2174; Sara Allen, Extension 3270


Criminal Justice: Lance Foss, Extension, 2018; Tim Patrick 336-831-1904, Extension 5


Health Management: Jessica Herndon, Extension 4626; Joanna Holloman, Extension 2174; Sara Allen, Extension 3270


Human Services: Joanna Holloman, Extension 2174; Jessica Herndon, Extension 4626; Sara Allen, Extension 3270


Computer Information Systems: Jessica Herndon, Extension 4626; Joanna Holloman, Extension 2174; Sara Allen, Extension 3270


Nursing: Mary Alice Hodge, Extension 3886


Religious Studies: Dr. Ronald Williams, Extension 3936


GOAL Administrative Assistant: Debra Bridges, Extension 4484


GOAL Admissions Office Manager: Audrey Sloan, GOAL Admissions, Extension 4485.


GOAL Admissions: Stuart Spires, Assistant VP for GOAL Admissions, Audrey Sloan, Office Manager - GOAL, Washburn Hall, Extension 4485. Reagan Clark, Admissions Counselor - GOAL, Ext. 3924. Sandy Bailes, Admissions Counselor - GOAL, Washburn Hall, Ext. 4483. Maya Feemster, Admissions Counselor, Extension 3885. Mandy Smith, Assistant Director of GOAL Admissions - GOAL, Washburn Hall, Ext. 4624.


Auto Registration, Traffic, Parking: Parking Division, Poston Center, Extension 3002.


Bookstore: Wayne Merritt, Manager of Campus Shop, Ground Floor, Dover Campus Center, Extension 4273.


Business Matters: Mike Hardin, Vice President for Administration, Business, and Finance, Webb Hall, Extension 4280 or Becky Toney, Business Office Manager, Webb Hall, Extension 3564.


Career Services: Meagan Allen, Washburn Hall, Extension 2170. Cindy Wallace, Washburn Hall, Extension 4563.


Course Changes, Drop/Withdrawal: Registrar’s Office, Room 109, Webb Hall, Extension 4260.


Department Chairs

Godbold School of Business: Earl Godfrey, Director of Business, GOAL Program Extension, 4381.


Nursing Program: Dr. Susie Beck-Little, Dean of the School of Nursing, Extension 4358.


Religious Studies: Dr. Kent Blevins, Chair, Extension 4458.


Social Sciences: Dr. Donna Ellington, Extension 4467.


School of Psychology and Counseling: Dr. David Carscaddon, Dean of the School of Psychology and Counseling, Extension 4437.


Fine Arts: Dr. Patricia Sparti, Chair, Extension 4453.


Science: Susan Manahan, Extension, 4370.


English: Dr. June Hobbs, Extension, 4412.


Communications Studies: Dr. Bob Carey, Extension 3803.


Foreign Language: Dr. Ute Lahaie, Chair, Extension 4415 .


Mathematics: Tammy Hoyle, Extension 4431.


Physical Education, Wellness and Sport Studies: Dr. Ken Baker, Extension 4481.


Financial Planning: Summer Nance, Dover Campus Center, 1-800-253-6472.


ID Cards: University Police, Poston Center, Extension 4444.


Library: Natalie Edwards Bishop, Instruction Librarian; John R. Dover Memorial Library, 1-800-253-8330 or 704-406-3274.


Pastoral Care: Dr. Tracy Jessup, Vice President for Christian Life & Service and Senior Minister to the University, Tucker Student Center, Extension 4279. Stacy Mahler, Associate Minister to the University for Pastoral Care, Tucker Student Center, Extension 2176.


Payment of Fees: Business Office Staff, Business Office, Room 116, Webb Hall, Extension 4287.


President: Dr. Frank Bonner, Room 202, Webb Hall, Extension 4236.


Public Information: Noel Manning, Director of University and Media Relations, Elliott House, Extension 4631.


School of Nursing, BSN Program: Dr. Mary Alice Hodge, Director of BSN Programs, Elliott Hall 212, Extension 3886.


Student Development: Dr. Dee Hunt, Vice-President and Dean of Student Development, Suttle Hall, Extension 4373. Cindy Wallace, Director of Counseling Center, Washburn Hall, Extension 4563.


Transcripts: Registrar’s Office, Room 109, Webb Hall (Written, signed request required: Official or mailed copies, $10. Unofficial copies picked up at Webb Hall 109, free).


Veteran Affairs: Registrar’s Office, Webb Hall, Extension 3591.




P.O. BOX 7243